Gwen Webber-McLeod Chair of the Auburn Industrial Development Authority

Webber-McLeod Appointed Chair of the Auburn Industrial Development Authority

Honored to serve, Gwen Webber-McLeod is the newly appointed Chair of the Auburn Industrial Development Authority (AIDA). She succeeds Jim Dacey, who served as chair since 2008. Mayor Giannettino praised her expertise, calling her the “right choice” to guide Auburn and Cayuga County’s economic future.
Committed to sustaining AIDA’s legacy, Gwen pledges to work hand-in-hand with Cayuga County and community leaders, leveraging Auburn‘s success as a beacon for new opportunities. She outlined her vision for AIDA, focusing on setting overarching goals, identifying priorities, supporting implementation teams, and engaging the community.
With confidence, competence, courage, and calm, Gwen embarks on an exciting chapter as AIDA’s new Chair, embracing the power of collective action to propel Auburn‘s economic future.

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