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We are Expanding Our Capabilities with Coaching Certifications

Gwen, Inc. is expanding its capabilities! If you follow our blogs, you know that we are always interested in learning and do not hesitate to recommend a good read for you to enjoy. In this blog, we are sharing our current learning focus in hopes that it inspires you to continue your own learning journey, or to give us a call… preferably both. Here’s why:

Our work is increasingly focused on helping executive teams to define and execute strategy, particularly (but not exclusively) focused on diversity, equity and inclusion. Frequently, clients ask for individual support through a coaching relationship and we provide that support.

Simultaneously, the coaching profession is evolving. The International Coaching Federation’s credentialing process is evidence that certified coaches are following a proven process for supporting clients. Many organizations now expect this evidence of professional capability from the coaches they hire.

We are therefore adding two coaching certifications to our credentials. Both Gwen and Kathy are pursuing certification with the International Coaching Academy (ICA), a program accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Obtaining this certification enhances Gwen, Inc.’s growing executive coaching practice. We provide one-to-one executive coaching support to many of the best and brightest leaders across the country. We specialize in providing executive coaching support for emerging and executive women leaders of color.

It is amazing to be in virtual classes with people across the world. Today our colleagues are in France, Lebanon, Canada, Germany, Italy, and the United States.

Additionally, Kathy is pursuing a team coaching certification through the Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI). The capacity of executive teams to function effectively together and in the best interest of all their stakeholders is essential to the long-term viability of our organizations. Kathy’s passion for strengthening organizational systems, especially at the senior leadership level, is a perfect fit for this work.

During this time of great division in America, these global experiences remind us of something very important. In the end, regardless of where we live in the world, we desire many of the same things.

We desire to be confident in ourselves. We desire to be valued. We desire help finding our way in life. We desire safe spaces to communicate our true feelings. We desire safe spaces to discuss our fears. We desire to live authentic lives that bring us joy.

Gwen recently remarked, “The more I engage in this practice, I realize executive coaches provide safe havens and soft landings for people seeking to live calm and authentic lives. Helping people on this journey is a privilege and an honor.”

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