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Caeresa Richardson

Introducing Caeresa Richardson as Senior Consultant for Emerging Leaders for Gwen, Inc.

Gwen, Inc. is positioning for the next phase of its growth as a company. Central to this growth is the addition of a talented team of consulting partners who will work with me to sustain our hallmark services and develop new programs to serve targeted groups of leaders. This month I introduce Caeresa Richardson, who will be our Senior Consultant for Emerging Leaders. I recently had a conversation with Caeresa about leadership. The following is a summary of that conversation.
Gwen: Welcome Caeresa. You’ve recently made a significant career change. What is that like for you? Caeresa: Transitioning from Corporate America to entrepreneurship has been an interesting yet challenging experience. I enjoy the flexibility that my current career has and the ability to use the full breadth of my skills. Mainly, this transition has taught me a lot about change. Through this experience I have learned that change is a very useful strategy that I have incorporated into my personal leadership journey as a business strategy.

Gwen: What does a change business strategy look like in practice?

Caeresa: There are many ways for us as emerging women leaders to do this successfully in our careers.
For example, by seeking out projects that allow us to develop and demonstrate transferable skills that we can use throughout our career. I call this the “CEO of Me” mindset.

I like to use an entrepreneurial mindset throughout my career that focuses on identifying goals and milestones which depend on change as a growth strategy. Early in my career as engineer, I did this by setting a career goal or a role that I would aspire to in future, and then seeking projects, roles, and assignments which provided me skills that would help me to prepare for those future roles. This strategy depended on my ability to transition into different departments, roles, and locations which strengthened my acceptance for change throughout my career.

Gwen: How is the idea of “CEO of Me” informing the work that you are doing with Gwen, Inc.’s emerging women leaders?

Caeresa: Professional trends show that organizations today share a common concern regarding talent acquisition, retention, and the risk of an aging workforce. Also, studies have shown that the next generation of leaders will be millennial women and people of color. It’s important that organizations are making necessary culture changes that will retain and develop these emerging leaders. As a member of Gwen’s team, I will work with organizations to assist their leadership teams with developing and implementing strategies that develop, nurture, and retain this next generation of leaders.

Similarly, it’s important that as emerging leaders we are taking this time to navigate our careers in a way that prepares us to step into leadership roles. Gwen and I will begin to use innovative strategies to engage this next generation of leaders in coaching and development that positions them to identify and achieve their professional goals.

Caeresa’s Recommended Reading

Caeresa’s Summer Reading List:

Caeresa Richardson is the Sr. Consultant for Emerging Leaders at Gwen, Inc. She is an energetic and driven leader who offers a unique and valuable perspective concerning the attraction, development, and retention of emerging leaders for clients at Gwen, Inc. She enjoys innovative and results driven methods that facilitates thought provoking and insightful client experiences. As a self proclaimed “Island Girl” her favorite vacation always includes sun, sand, and sea.

  • Graduate Certificate Johns Hopkins University, 2011
  • BS, Mechanical Engineering Syracuse University, 2007
  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
    Project Management Institute

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