International Women's Day ChooseToChallenge

International Women’s Day #ChooseToChallenge Event

From challenge comes change. In celebration of women’s achievements, this 90 minute event will explore what it takes to create change.

About this Event

Through the stories of successful professionals, founders and small business owners who meet challenge head on, we will learn what drives them in pursuit of personal and professional success, equality and inclusiveness.


Monday, March 8, 12:30 – 2pm

• Welcome
• Keynote
• Breakout Panel Sessions #1 or 2 (choose during registration)
• Closing


*You will receive a Zoom link for the event by the morning of 3/8, emailed to you. There will be only one Zoom link for the event.

Panel 1: #ChoosetoChallenge: How Embracing Challenge can Drive Change

Panel Members: Catherine Richardson (moderator), Kimberly Townsend, Kelsey Davis, Caeresa Richardson

From challenge comes change. Think for a moment about the pioneers and the leaders you look up to as role models. They likely have something in common – the ability to embrace change. Join a discussion with four powerful change agents who are embracing challenge and entrepreneurial thinking as a mode of operation.

During this session, participants will:

• Explore changing the status quo through the lens of a GenZ digital tech start-up, a pioneer in law, a small business owner who succeeded through the pandemic, and a leader in healthcare operating a large and innovative organization in the most challenging times imaginable.
• Discuss how entrepreneurial thinking impacts decision making in times of crisis
• Hear best practices for cultivating a growth mindset
• Identify ways to apply this information in the workplace or small business


Panel 2: The Art of Sistering: The Importance of Diverse Women Supporting Each Other in the Workplace

Panel Members: Gwen Webber-McLeod (moderator), Indaria Jones, Bryony Grealish, Michelle Horton, Diana Jaramillo

It is all too common to hear this statement from women in the workforce, “I prefer working with men. Working with women is too difficult.”

Trend data indicates, within the next 10 years 85% of new entrants into the workforce will be female, millennial and people of color. Given this demographic reality it is imperative for women to be intentional about building high trust relationships with the diverse groups of women they work with daily. In fact, many of the most successful women in our region would say this is a core leadership competency for emerging and established women leaders.

During this session participants will:

• Explore why it is important for women to support other women in the workplace
• Discuss the dynamics of leading at the intersection of gender and/or race
• Hear best practices for supporting women in the workplace from a diverse panel of women practicing this leadership competency
• Identify ways to apply this information in the workplace

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