Gwen Webber-McLeod Empowering Black Women Leaders of the Future

Empowering Black Women Leaders of the Future

The future of leadership is diverse, with women, millennials, younger generations, and people of color making significant strides in the workforce. This trend includes a growing number of emerging Black women leaders who face unique challenges and require specialized support as they navigate their careers.

Gwen Webber-McLeod, author of “Your Leadership Journey” and founder of You Can’t Fail, Inc., a non-profit focused on leadership development for women of color, has observed a rising phenomenon: Black women leaders are increasingly creating programs, services, and resources specifically tailored to the needs of Black girls and women aspiring to leadership roles.

In November 2023, Ms. Webber-McLeod led a powerful conversation with Elizabeth Leiba, author of “I’m Not Yelling” and “Protecting My Peace,” and Eden Strachan, author of “Black Girls Get No Love.” This intergenerational dialogue explored the critical importance of established Black women leaders dedicating their efforts to the growth and development of the next generation.

By investing in the potential of Black girls and women, we can foster a future where diverse leadership flourishes and thrives. 

You Can’t Fail’s Leadership Learning Community is a leadership development program specifically designed to develop and accelerate the career paths of early- and mid-career professional women of color. The 2024 program is open to women leaders ages 25+ who identify as African American, Latina/Hispanic, and/or Native American or otherwise underrepresented in their professional industries of employment. To learn more, visit

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