Diversity 2.0 Work Session in Fall 2019

Join Gwen Webber -McLeod to learn specific strategies to bring your organization’s Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiatives to the next level!

WHEN: Fall 2019
WHERE: OneGroup – 706 North Clinton Street | Syracuse, NY 13204

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is a strategic resource used by many companies to achieve business goals. However, after initial D&I efforts are integrated into operations, it is imperative to be strategic about taking these initiatives to the next level. The Diversity 2.0 Learning Community is designed for leaders charged with this work. 

Participants in the learning community will:

  • Learn Diversity 2.0 Strategies – five best practices used by Gwen, Inc. clients to take D&I initiatives to the next level.
  • Discuss recruitment and retention strategies with emphasis on hiring and retaining the Unexpected Leader® – an employee who breaks the glass ceiling upon hire or promotion.
  • Examine the impact of implicit bias and micro-aggression in creating company cultures that support D&I initiatives.
  • Review components to include to create a Diversity 2.0 strategic framework document.
  • Using learning community information, identify specific strategic priorities to take your company’s D&I initiatives from Diversity 1.0 to Diversity 2.0
  • Discuss methods of integrating new learning into ongoing D&I efforts in your company.

Diversity 2.0 Learning Community is ideal for those charged with implementing D&I strategies:

  • D&I Teams
  • Human Resource Teams
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Leaders interested in learning more about D&I

Gwen Webber-McLeod, President/CEO Gwen, Inc. is the facilitator for the Diversity 2.0 Learning Community, and is assisted by Gwen, Inc. consulting partners with expertise in D&I who will provide onsite coaching and technical assistance. Gwen, Inc. is known for its D&I expertise, and provides services to clients across the country. The company is pleased to host Diversity 2.0 in Auburn, New York Harriet Tubman’s hometown, and is our way of paying tribute to her legacy of leadership.

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